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Pazhamudircholai Temple madurai

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Great tamil poet Avvaiyar travelling to Madurai, she was tired & took rest in tree (naval tree in tamil) . The cows war sitting on the tree asked do you need fruits for your refreshment. By assuming this tittle boy less knowledge and replied yes then he asked do you need roasted or unroasted fruits? She said unroasted fruit. The cow boy shook the tree branches. The ripen fruits fell in ground and some sand particles stick on it. Avvaiyar bow the air to remove the sand particles by seeing that cow boy who is Lord Muruga asked
Does the fruit is very hot? Eat the fruit after the heat reduced. Avvaiyar shocked by his intelligence and reliased her ignorance and sing one song here.

Gist of story:

The lord muruga implicitly told all living beings are sticking to some of the world desire. To get rid of it we need both knowledge and god blessings.


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